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Cal for Symposium

Dear scientists and researchers;

We invite you to share your latest scientific findings through a panel submission at the 11th Congress of Basic and Clinical Neuroscience using the template below.

Suggested panel submission format

- The panel managers must provide a single abstract for the panel that specifies the importance of the topic, complete and send the titles of the lectures along with the information of the speakers in the proposed form.

- The priority in designing the panel is to use members from different universities in Iran and the world and pay attention to international cooperation.

- In the design of the panel, the combination of basic and clinical topics should be taken into account.

- The duration of the panel is 90 minutes, and the question and answer time (ten minutes) should be included in the total time of the panel.

- The number of speakers should be at least 3 and at most 5.

- If the speakers want the abstract of their speech to be included in the collection of articles of the Congress, please send the final file in Word format to the email below (Please do not submit abstracts of lectures in the article submission section of the website.)

Please send the proposal form to the email-address: symposium.bcnc@gmail.com.

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