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.برای مشاهده ليست مرتب شده بر اساس عنوان، ارائه كننده يا سرفصل علمی، روی عنوان هر ستون كليك نماييد

RowTitlePresenting AuthorScientific ChapterAffiliation
1 The Effectiveness of Cognitive Emotion Regulatory Training on Reducing the Level of Anxiety and Depression of Addicted Prisoners in Tehran's Grand Prison Shir aliyan Meysam Addiction (Drug, Alcohol, Internet, Food) and Gambling -
2 Comparison of psychological status of depression and aggression between infertile and fertile women in Shiraz Shadkam Negin Aggression and Defensive Behavior -
3 Comparison of psychological status of depression and aggression between infertile and fertile women in Shiraz Shadkam Negin Aggression and Defensive Behavior -
4 Comparing the Efficacy of Ondansetron and Granisetron Augmentation in Treatment -Resistant Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, A Randomized Clinical Trial Sharafkhah Mojtaba Anxiety Disorders and PTSD -
5 Effects of congenital blindness and attention on the asymmetrical brain by randomized dichotic digits test Saeidi Boroujeni Nafise Attention -
6 The relationship of Stroop color task with obsession-compulsive features, schizotypal personality characteristics, and anxiety Sohrabi Ahmad Attention -
7 Alzheimer’s disease and declined default mode network functional connectivity: when memory-related subsystems of DMN orchestra are out of tune Sadeghi Bahman Brain Mapping    (MRI, fMRI, PET, Brain Mapping, EEG, EMG, QEEG, FNIRS) -
8 Investigating the latency and amplitude N1 and LPP components in the moral judgment of difficult and easy dilemmas Seyedbagheri Seyedeh Khojasteh Brain Mapping    (MRI, fMRI, PET, Brain Mapping, EEG, EMG, QEEG, FNIRS) -
9 Review of fNIRS studies in the Journal of Nature Sorayani bafghi Mohammad hossein Brain Mapping    (MRI, fMRI, PET, Brain Mapping, EEG, EMG, QEEG, FNIRS) -
10 Comparing the effect of spaced and massed training paradigms on long-term adaptation of oculomotor reflex: a cerebellar perspective Solouki Saeed Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia -
11 Effects of Methamphetamine on Striatum Soltani Reza Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia -
13 Urinary oxidative toxic stress biomarkers of multiple sclerosis patients: Role of crocin Sabahi Mohammadmahdi Demyelinating Disorders -
14 Relationship between Sleep quality, Attentional bias and Working memory in patients with High Blood Pressure Shahsavandbaghdadi Tayebeh Disorders of Executive Functions -
15 The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on Improving Selective Attention and Working Memory in Chronic PTSD Patients Shahsavandbaghdadi Tayebeh Disorders of Executive Functions -
16 The effectiveness of mindfulness training on improving executive functions, motor skills and behavioral problems Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD): A single subject design Shekarro Masoud Disorders of Executive Functions -
17 Investigating the effects of therapeutic Reflex Zone Therapy on the anxiety and insomnia of women Saffari tehrani Neda Disorders of Neurobehavior -
18 Hypothalamic Regulation of Energy Balance: A Novel Candidate for the Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus Saeedi borujeni Mohammad javad Eating Disorders -
19 The Effect of Spiritual Therapy on Reducing Death Anxiety Patients with granodal epilepsy as a non-pharmacological treatment SARAVANI HOSEIN Evidence-Based Psychology -
20 The effect of sensory stimulation on anxiety in MS patients SARAVANI HOSEIN Evidence-Based Psychology -
21 Adolescent morphine exposure increases negative motivational aspect of opiate withdrawal Sabuee Sara Evolution of Developmental Mechanisms -
22 The effect of Neurofeedback Training on Anxiety of The Amature Ping-Pong Players Sourni Hamid Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
23 Predicting the smoking behavior according to cognitive decision-making, response inhibition and problem solving Soleimani Rad Hasan Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
24 Predicting the attitude towards smoking according to cognitive decision-making, response inhibition and problem solving Soleimani Rad Hasan Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
25 Coenzyme Q10 Supplementation in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Is It Beneficial in Short Term Administration? Simani Leila Ischemia, Stroke, and Neurovascular Disorders -
26 Serum antioxidant and oxidative markers are associated with clinical neurological outcomes in acute stroke patients Simani Leila Ischemia, Stroke, and Neurovascular Disorders -
27 The Sertoli cell allograft transplantation along with memantine reduces ischemic damages in animal model of cerebral ischemia Safialhosseini Zeinab Ischemia, Stroke, and Neurovascular Disorders -
28 Cerebrolysin improves structural synaptic plasticity in photothrombotic mouse model of medial prefrontal cortex ischemia Seyedi Sahebari Sepideh Ischemia, Stroke, and Neurovascular Disorders -
29 Comparing of Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test Results between men and women in middle age Safavi naeeni Seyede mojde Learning and Memory -
30 M1 Muscarinic-immunoreactive neuron density increases by vitamin E treatment in the rat’s hippocampal CA3 area Sayyahi Ali Learning and Memory -
31 Role of Autobiographical Images in the Formation of False Memory Shabani Mohsen Learning and Memory -
32 Comparison of direct and indirect cognitive and metacognitive language learning strategies among English language students and non-English language students Shahriary Shaghayegh Learning and Memory -
33 Effect of sub -acute Acetamiprid exposure on rat spatial memory Shamsi Mohsen Learning and Memory -
34 Effects of Orexin Injections into Hippocampus on memory in the Wistar Rats Shokoohi Yekta Hamideh Learning and Memory -
35 Hippocampo-prefrontal Theta Oscillations Soltanizangbar Hamid Learning and Memory -
36 Protective effects of exercise and DMOG- preconditioned stem cells on amyloid- beta- induced memory impairment and neurotoxicity in adult male rats Soleimani Asl Sara Medication and Stem Cell Therapy -
37 The study of the relationship between cerebral brain dominance and academic achievement of secondary school students in Mashhad Sharifinia Azadeh Motivation and Emotion -
38 Alexithymia and Humor Styles in students: the role of Gender and Age Samadi Neda Motivation and Emotion -
39 Effect of gastrodin on depression and anxiety in parkinsonian rat induced by 6-OHDA; Role of oxidative stress Sabahi Mohammadmahdi Movement Disorders (Parkinson, Huntington’s, ALS, Ataxia, edication-induced Movement Disorders) -
40 Effect of long-term alcohol consumption on sexual behavior and sperm parameters in adult male wistar rats. Sadeghzadeh Maryam Neural Basis of Human Behavior -
41 Valence effects on phonological processing in normal Persian speaking children: A study by ERP Salehi Sousan Neural Basis of Human Behavior -
42 Frequency of sensory processing disorders in children’s 5 to 11 years’ old Shahbazi Marjan Neural Circuits and Connectivity -
43 Function of Default Mode Network (DMN) in Music Listening Saeedi Chiman Neuro-aesthetics, Art and Creativity -
44 Advantages of neuroaesthetics consequences Saeedi Chiman Neuro-aesthetics, Art and Creativity -
45 The Emergence of a Creative Moment: Default Mood Network Vs Central Executive Network or System 1 Vs System 2? Saeedi Mohammad taghi Neuro-aesthetics, Art and Creativity -
46 Wanting Vs Liking: Value-based Decision Making Saeedi Mohammad taghi Neuro-Marketing, Neuro-economics -
47 Assessment of metabolic pattern of urine in children with neurometabolic disease in children with Glutaric aciduria type 1 by 500 MHz HNMR spectroscopy Sadriakhtarian Elaheh Neurodegenerative Disorders -
48 The Results of Oculomotor tests in patients affected by Definite Multiple Sclerosis Safavi naeeni Seyede mojde Neurodegenerative Disorders -
49 Study of the association between serum level of Glucose and behavioral symptoms of 6-hydroxydopamine – induced Parkinsonism in rat Sarbazi Ali Neurodegenerative Disorders -
50 Evaluation of monoamine oxidase inhibitory effect of seven medicinal plant extracts from Iran Shamsi Mohsen Neurodegenerative Disorders -
51 Brain’s Reading Networks in Dyslexia Saeedi Chiman Neurodevelopmental Disorder ( ADHD,  Autism,  Learning Disorders) -
52 The effects of early exposure to thimerosal on cerebellar tissue structure in rats Soltani Reza Neurodevelopmental Disorder ( ADHD,  Autism,  Learning Disorders) -
53 Chronic Postnatal Foot-Shock Stress Impaired Glucose Tolerance in Young Adult Male Rats Sadeghimahalli Forouzan Neuroendocrinology -
54 The role of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in neurogenesis Shabani nabikandi Zahra Neurogenesis and Gliogenesis -
55 The mechanisms by which alcohol consumption affects on adult hippocampal neurogenesis Shabani nabikandi Zahra Neurogenesis and Gliogenesis -
56 Treadmill exercise alters ecstasy- induced long- term potentiation disruption in the hippocampus of male rats Sajadi nasab Azam Neurotoxicity, Neuroprotection, Inflammation -
57 Molecular mechanisms of cytotoxic edema in hyperammonaemic condition Sepehrinezhad Ali Neurotoxicity, Neuroprotection, Inflammation -
58 What is the best animal models for induction of hepatic encephalopathy? Neurological and pathological changes Sepehrinezhad Ali Neurotoxicity, Neuroprotection, Inflammation -
59 Title: The effects of aerobic exercise on 3.4 methylenedioximethamphetamine- induced neurotoxicity in the hippocampus of male rats Sajadi nasab Azam Neurotoxicity, Neuroprotection, Inflammation -
60 Dopaminergic induction of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells is accompanied by transcriptional activation of autophagy. Soltani Reza Neurotoxicity, Neuroprotection, Inflammation -
61 The impact of maternal diabetes on the offsprings brain BDNF level Sardar Reza Neurotransmitters and Signaling Molecules -
62 تاثیر گیاه جینکو بیلوبا بر میزان فاکتورهای نوروتروفیک در سرم و هیپوکامپ موش های صحرایی نر بالغ Sadeghinejad Masoumeh Other -
63 The prediction of recurrence of substance abuse based on personality organization, Ego power and the quality of object relationships in addicted people who leave the city of Qom SHokr Leila Other -
64 The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on Adolescents with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) Soleimani Rad Hasan Other -
66 Gender Affects Sleep Architecture in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Shahveisi Kaveh Other -
67 Effect of minocycline on the behavior of neural stem cells in 2-D and 3-D conditions Shamsi Fatemeh Other -
68 The effect of lysosomal and dopaminergic D2 inhibition in the hippocampal TFEB protein level in morphine dependent male rats Sirous azar Raana Other -
69 Effectiveness of parent education (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program) on the quality of mental health of parents with Down syndrome child Sobhani monfared Marjan Public Awareness -
70 A Systematic Review and meta-analysis of Literature on Child Abuse in Iran Shahbazi Fatemeh Public Awareness -
71 Prevalence of Parent's Perceptions of Sensory Processing Disorders among 5-11 Year-Old Children in Tehran Shahbazi Fatemeh Public Awareness -
72 Auditory spatial processing in schizophrenia- behavioral evidence of abnormal hemispheric laterality Sardari Sara Schizophrenia -
73 The role of 5-HT3 receptors on the severity of seizure in the electrical amygdala kindled rats Sarihi Abdolrahman Seizure and Epileptic Disorders -
74 The relationship between iron deficiency anemia and simple febrile convulsion in children Sharafkhah Mojtaba Seizure and Epileptic Disorders -
75 Effects of intrahippocampal injection of Leptin on seizure-induced cognitive impairment in male rats Safa Hanie Seizure and Epileptic Disorders -
76 Protective effects of Artemisia persica essential oil against pentylenetetrazol-induced seizure in male mice with an emphasis on its mechanism of action Setorki Mahbubeh Seizure and Epileptic Disorders -
77 Anticonvulsant activity of pistacia lentiscus gum in animal model Shojaii Asie Seizure and Epileptic Disorders -
78 Effects of Oromotor exercises on the recovery of swallowing function in elderly Shahabi Saba Speech and Language Therapy -
79 Coenzyme Q10 Influences on the Levels of TNF-α and IL-10 and the Ratio of Bax/Bcl2 in a Menopausal Rat Model Following Lumbar Spinal Cord Injury Soleimani Maryam Spinal Cord Injury -
80 Vitamin-D3 regulation of stress induced-increase in serum corticosterone and reduce in hippocampus BDNF in male rat Sedaghat Katayoun Stress and the Brain (Stress-modulated Pathways,  Stress and Cognition,  Stress Related Disorders) -
81 Evaluation of neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidative potential of ALOE VERA gel in diabetic wistar rats Safari ahmadvand Sarina Tactile, Somatosensation and Pain Syndromes -
82 Therapeutic effects of three natural substances on animal model of traumatic brain injury. (Behavioral, Electrophysiological and Biochemical evaluations) Sarkaki Alireza Traumatic Brain Injury -
83 The role of tamoxifen (a selective estrogen receptor modulator) on neurological score, blood-brain barrier and brain edema after traumatic brain injury in male rat: the role of matrix metalloproteinase Siahposht khachaki Ali Traumatic Brain Injury -

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