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.برای مشاهده ليست مرتب شده بر اساس عنوان، ارائه كننده يا سرفصل علمی، روی عنوان هر ستون كليك نماييد

RowTitlePresenting AuthorScientific ChapterAffiliation
1 Effectiveness of Parent-Child interaction therapy on cortisol level and aggression in pre-school children, a double-blind randomized controlled trial in an Iranian sample Pirnia Bijan Aggression and Defensive Behavior -
2 Visual Feature Binding in the Prefrontal Cortex of Macaque Monkey Parto Mohsen Attention -
3 Effectiveness of Cognitive Computer Games on Attention Span of Students with Intellectual Disability Pashapoor jalalvand Loabat Attention -
4 Evaluation of anti-inflammatory effects of seminal vesicle fluid in animal model of Alzheimer's disease Pakravan Nafiseh Dementia -
5 Arbutin improves functional recovery following lysolecithin-induced demyelination in rat optic chiasm. Pourabdolhossein Fereshteh Demyelinating Disorders -
6 The Effect of Life Skills Training on Social Support in People with Multiple Sclerosis Parnyan Shima Demyelinating Disorders -
7 The Effect of Cognitive-Behavioral Training on Coping Skills in People with Multiple Sclerosis Parnyan Shima Demyelinating Disorders -
8 Relationship between Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and Executive Functions in Chronic Methamphetamine Users, a Cross-Sectional Study Pirnia Bijan Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
9 Investigating Efficacy of Structured Play on the Executive Functioning in 5– to 12–year-old Children with High-functioning Autism Pourjabbar Nasim Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
10 Investigating the relationship between individual and clinical characteristics and memory impairments of multiple sclerosis individuals Pouramiri Maryam Learning and Memory -
11 Does Parkinson’s disease cause problems in function of the body’s biological clock? New hope for early diagnosis Pourakbari Hakimeh Movement Disorders (Parkinson, Huntington’s, ALS, Ataxia, edication-induced Movement Disorders) -
12 The study of neural correlates and metabolic effects of value-based normal nutritional behaviors for brain-targeted behavioral interventions; a COGNITOMICS approach POURABBASI ATA Neural Basis of Human Behavior -
13 Novel Mutations in VPS13B, KCNMA1, NALCN and KPTN Genes Cause moderate to profound Mental Retardation Parvini Farshid Neurogenetics -
14 Short-term Effect of Foot Massage on the Values of Arterial Oxygen Saturation in Neurosurgical Patients Admitted to ICU Parnyan Shima Other -
15 The antiepileptic effect of hespertine-loaded nanoparticles in pentylenetetrazol-induced chemical kindling model Pourgholi Mitra Other -
16 Ameliorating effects of berberine on MK-801-induced cognitive and motor impairments in a neonatal rat model of schizophrenia Parvan Mahdieh Schizophrenia -
17 The Role of Prefrontal Cortex to Control the Posterior Areas Parto Mohsen Working Memory -

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