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.برای مشاهده ليست مرتب شده بر اساس عنوان، ارائه كننده يا سرفصل علمی، روی عنوان هر ستون كليك نماييد

RowTitlePresenting AuthorScientific ChapterAffiliation
1 Anxiety-like behaviors in multiple sclerosis attenuated with metformin Mirshekar Mohammad Ali Behavioral Pharmacology -
2 Antidepressant-like effects of low dose scopolamine and L-Arginine joint administration in mice Mohammadi mehdiabadi hassani Mohammad hussain Behavioral Pharmacology -
3 Modulation of intrathalamic rhythmic burst activity in C57BL/6J mice by sake yeast compounds Moradi kor Nasroallah Biological Rhythm and Sleep -
4 Nero-linguistic basis of verbal suggestibility: An EEG study Mehrani Mehdi Brain Mapping    (MRI, fMRI, PET, Brain Mapping, EEG, EMG, QEEG, FNIRS) -
5 Investigating the quantitative effect of electroencephalography on emotional intelligence Moghateli Nahid Brain Mapping    (MRI, fMRI, PET, Brain Mapping, EEG, EMG, QEEG, FNIRS) -
6 Cognitive Reserve Proxy Measures and Successful Aging. Mohammad Neda Cognitive Aging -
7 cigarette smoking and epigenetics changes in brain growth factors Miladpour Behnoosh Converging Technologies    (NBIC: Nano-Biotech-Information-Cognitive), euroscience and Nanotechnology, Neuroscience and Biotechnology, Neural Tissue Engineering -
8 The investigation of factors affecting on gait of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Disease Mahdizadeh Amin Demyelinating Disorders -
9 Immunomodulatory effects of Silymarin in animal model of Multiple Sclerosis Mojaver Ali Demyelinating Disorders -
10 Regional EEG delta power and behavioral symptoms in Autism Spectrum Disorder Mousavi Najva Disorders of Neurobehavior -
11 Regional EEG delta power and behavioral symptoms in Autism Spectrum Disorder Mousavi Najva Disorders of Neurobehavior -
12 Delay Discounting in Depression: Fatalistic Time Perspective as a Unique Explanation for Preference in Immediate Rewards Moghaddas Maryam Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
13 The effect of mental fatigue on function attention networks among elite athletes Mohammadzadeh Sahar Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
14 A Pilot Study to Compare Executive Functions in Patients with Stroke and Healthy people Using CANTAB Montazerghaem Sajjad Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
15 Review of relationship between executive function (EF) and theory of mind (ToM) in ADHD Mehdizadeh behtash Mahsa Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
16 Efficacy of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy on cognitive fiexibility in Patients with Bipolar Disorder under Medical Treatment MOHAGHEGHIAN MALIHE Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
17 Preventive effects of galic acid on behavioral disorders, brain edema and blood brain barrier function following global cerebral ischemia/reperfusion in rats Mirshekari jahangiri Hamzeh Ischemia, Stroke, and Neurovascular Disorders -
18 Viola spathulata as a pretreatment for brain ischemia Mohammadi Ekram Ischemia, Stroke, and Neurovascular Disorders -
19 The effect of Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Extracts pre-nutrition on TNF-α und IL-6 factor in strok model in high fat diet rats Mostajabi Dastjerdi Mohammad Reza Ischemia, Stroke, and Neurovascular Disorders -
20 Effect of Momordica charantia on Spatial Memory of Rats Receiving a High-Fat Diet MalekMahmoudi Sohrab Learning and Memory -
21 Nitric oxide system and Empathy Mohammadi Fatemeh Learning and Memory -
22 Relationsheep between spatial memory and stress, and the effect of electromagnetic waves on them in rat Mahvash Tarsaei Learning and Memory -
23 Glucocorticoid interacts with hippocampal 5-HT6 receptors in enhancing emotional memory consolidation in rats Mohammad rezaei Rajab Learning and Memory -
24 Oxytocin stands against memory impairment in female 3-NP injected rats even in those experienced prenatal stress Moslemi Mehdi Learning and Memory -
25 Map-based modeling of dynamic brain network systems for explaining the creativity: The default mode, salience and central executive networks in interactive connection Mafakheri Fariman Nima Modeling and Simulation -
26 A New Approach to Modeling Parkinson’s Disease with Sine-Circle Map Marzban Sadegh Modeling and Simulation -
27 An efficient numerical algorithm for simulating of coupled Fitzhugh-Nagumo systems: Application to epileptic seizures Moayeri Mohammad Mahdi Modeling and Simulation -
28 The relationship between symptom prevalence, body image, and quality of life in Iranian gynecologic cancer patients Majdi Zahra Motivation and Emotion -
29 The Effect of Slope Walking on the Amplitude and Band power of Rat M1 Local field Potentials Mirfathollahi Alavie Motor Neurons and Muscle -
30 Survey the NEO Personality Dimensions in Students: Emphasizing the Role of Gender Differences Mirkhan Iraj Neural Basis of Human Behavior -
31 Gonadotropin Releasing hormone can ameliorate cognitive Letrozole effects through inducing Estradiol synthesis Marbouti Ladan Neurodegenerative Disorders -
32 Apigenin restores spatial memory impairment induced by Aβ 25-35 through inhibition of mitochondrial cytochrome c release Moeinsadat Alireza Neurodegenerative Disorders -
33 Genetic Analysis of the ZNF512B, SLC41A1, and ALDH2 Polymorphisms in Parkinson’s Disease in the Iranian Population Madadi Faranak Neurodegenerative Disorders -
34 Antidepressant effect of myricitrin in the rat model of temporal lobe epilepsy Mirshekar Mohammad Ali Neurodegenerative Disorders -
35 The histological and behavioral effect of treatment of Depakine (HDAC inhibitor) on deficits in Model of Demyelination (Multiple sclerosis) in C57BL/6 mice Moayeri Ardeshir Neurodegenerative Disorders -
36 Study of Association of G/A (rs2230806) polymorphism in ABCA1 gene with Alzheimer’s disease in the Iranian population. Moradi Rahim Neurodegenerative Disorders -
37 Virtual Reality for Cognitive Rehabilitation of people with autism spectrum disorder Motemani Khorshid Neurodevelopmental Disorder ( ADHD,  Autism,  Learning Disorders) -
38 Carvacrol protects against 6-hydroxydopamine-induced neurotoxicity in in vivo and in vitro model of Parkinson’s disease Manouchehrabadi Mahboubeh Neurotoxicity, Neuroprotection, Inflammation -
39 Comparison of melatonin and curcumin effect on regeneration of sciatic nerve crush injury in rat Moharrami Farshad Neurotoxicity, Neuroprotection, Inflammation -
40 A modified protocol for decellularization of peripheral nerve grafts: Acellular bovine nerve in a rat sciatic nerve injury model Moharrami Farshad Neurotoxicity, Neuroprotection, Inflammation -
41 Cognitive functional connectivity analysis of human brain using fMRI and graph theory Miri Ashtiani Seyedeh Naghmeh Other -
42 Motor Imagery Enhances by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on Prefrontal and Parietal Areas Moghadas tabrizi Yousef Other -
43 The Effectiveness of Computer Games on Emotion Regulation of Students with Intellectual Disability. Mohajeri Marzieh Other -
44 Improvement of behavioral, social, and cognitive symptoms of autism spectrum disorder by virtual reality Mollajani Raheleh Other -
45 Exposure to Blue Light Emitted from Smartphones in an Environment with Dim Light at Night Alters the Reaction Time of University Students Mortazavi Seyed Alireza Other -
46 Effects of hypoxia on Adipose tissue stem cell conditioned medium compounds Mehrabadi Shima Other -
47 The Frequency of sleep disorders in children aged 5- 8 years old of Urmia in 2018 Mirkhan Iraj Other -
48 مقایسه ادراک زمان در کودکان دارای اختلال ریاضی با کودکان عادی Mobaraki Fatemeh Other -
49 The role of posterior parietal cortex in holistic versus analytic spatial perception in mental rotation task in men and women: an eye-tracking and tDCs study Moghaddamkia Hanieh Other -
50 Evaluate comparing Acceptance and commitment therapy versus Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression Moghimi Zahra Other -
51 Relationship between Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale-12 score and Clinical Measures of Mobility in People with Multiple Sclerosis Molhemi Farshad Physiotherapy -
52 Correlations between Limits of Stability and Functional measures of balance in people with multiple sclerosis Monjezi Saeideh Physiotherapy -
53 Comparison of the lower extremities inter-segmental coordination during walking between patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy controls Mofateh Razieh Posture and Gait -
54 Role of the NMDA receptor and the JNK3 MAP-Kinase in the prefrontal cortex in the induction of morphine tolerance in rats Masoudi Kaivan Reward and the Brain -
55 Role of Mir124, Mir219 and Mir339 in the regulation of the mu-opioid receptor gene expression in the prefrontal cortex in morphine-tolerant rats Mohammadi talvar Shiva Reward and the Brain -
56 Pregestational stress increased seizure susceptibility in offspring Mahmoodkhani Maryam Seizure and Epileptic Disorders -
57 The Effect Short- term Treatment with Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Spinal Cord Ischemic/Reperfusion Injury in Male Rats Mohammadpour Masumeh Spinal Cord Injury -
58 Anxiety Disorders in Elementary Students: Explaining the Differences Between Kurdish, Turkish and Armenian in 2018 Mirkhan Iraj Stress and the Brain (Stress-modulated Pathways,  Stress and Cognition,  Stress Related Disorders) -

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