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.برای مشاهده ليست مرتب شده بر اساس عنوان، ارائه كننده يا سرفصل علمی، روی عنوان هر ستون كليك نماييد

RowTitlePresenting AuthorScientific ChapterAffiliation
1 Investigating the role of insular cortex in hyperacusis and tinnitus in rat Karimi Minoo Auditory and Vestibular -
2 Evaluation of the effects of hydroalcoholic extract of Lavandula angustifolia on vincristine-induced neuropathy in animal model Khakpash Mahsima Behavioral Pharmacology -
3 Evaluation of sedative-hypnotic effect of a novel 4-(2-(benzyloxy)phenyl)-6-(4-nitrophenyl)pyrimidin-2-ol in experimental animal model Khanalizadeh Niloufar Behavioral Pharmacology -
4 Evaluation of sedative-hypnotic effect of Marrubium astracanium Khataieasl Alireza Behavioral Pharmacology -
5 Prediction of Two dimensional Movements by Decoding of Motor Cortex Neural Signals Using Kalman Filter Karami Sajad Brain Machine Interface and Neuroengineering -
6 Radiotracers Used in Recent Nuclear Neuroimaging Karamzade Ziarati Najme Brain Mapping    (MRI, fMRI, PET, Brain Mapping, EEG, EMG, QEEG, FNIRS) -
7 The Religious Brain: Exploring the Effect of Listening to Quran Recitation on Fronto-parietal Network Kazemi Reza Brain Mapping    (MRI, fMRI, PET, Brain Mapping, EEG, EMG, QEEG, FNIRS) -
8 A new method for magnetic stimulation of brain and Assessment of its effects on attention Khalil Poor Hamideh Brain Stimulation Methods    (ECT, rTMS, TDCS, DBS) -
9 Novel agonists of benzodiazepine receptors: Radioligand binding assay of 4,6-diphenylpyrimidin-2-ol derivatives. Khoramjouy Mona Channels, Receptors, Transporters, -
10 Routing information flow by using distinct neural synchrony frequencies: ‘functional labeled line’ in higher primate cortex Khamechian Mohammad bagher Computational Tools -
11 Effect of isoflurane 0.8% on memory among 20 to 50 years old subjects in postoperative phase in Azad University Hospitals Kowsari Golshad Consciousness -
12 Nicotine exposure during adolescence increases nociceptive behaviors in rat model of inflammatory pain Khaluzade Fatemeh Evolution of Developmental Mechanisms -
13 Prediction of cognitive flexibility basic on cultural resilience Khodamoradi Sadegh Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
14 Examination and comparison processing speed, reaction and decision time in clinically-stable schizophrenia and bipolar disorders Keyhani Ali Executive Function (Decision Making, Reasoning, Problem Solving) -
15 14-3-3ζ recombinant protein induces BDNF transcription after MCAO in rat Khalesi Naeemeh Ischemia, Stroke, and Neurovascular Disorders -
16 The beneficial effects of Frankincense (olibanum) on learning and memory Karimi Bahareh Learning and Memory -
17 Regulation of learning and memory by proinflammatory cytokines Karimi Bahareh Learning and Memory -
18 Naringenin ameliorates learning and memory impairment following systemic lipopolysaccharide challenge in the rat Khajevand Khazaei Mohammad Reza Learning and Memory -
19 Neuroprotective effect of chrysin on cognitive, brain electrophysiology deficits and lipid peroxidation in animal model of cerebral ischemia/reperfusion Khombi Shooshtari Maryam Learning and Memory -
20 Behavioral study of acute and chronic modafinil, on ecstasy neurotoxicity in male and female rats Kowsari Golshad Learning and Memory -
21 Effect of Brain Tissue Segmentation Errors on EEG Forward Solutions Kazemi Kamran Modeling and Simulation -
22 In Silico Evaluation of the Interaction of Gabapentin with Monoamine Oxidase B by Docking Method Khojasteh Fatemeh Modeling and Simulation -
23 Methamphetamine induces differential gene expression accompanied with cerebellar atrophy Khatmi Aysan Molecular, Biochemical, and Genetic Techniques & Gene .  Therapy -
24 Altered D2 receptor and transcription factor EB expression in offspring of aggressive male rats, having depressive and anxiety-like behaviors Khalifeh Solmaz Mood Disorders -
25 The Effects of Computer Games on Emotion Regulation of Children with Autism Kashani Vahid Leila Motivation and Emotion -
26 Prediction of Alexithymia Based On cultural resilience, self-control, and cognitive flexibility Khodamoradi Sadegh Motivation and Emotion -
27 The effect of nobiletin on motor asymmetry in lipopolysaccharide-induced model of Parkinson’s disease in the rat Khorasani Maryam Movement Disorders (Parkinson, Huntington’s, ALS, Ataxia, edication-induced Movement Disorders) -
28 Difference of gait subphases in healthy adults and Parkinson’s disease patients Kaffash Zohreh Movement Disorders (Parkinson, Huntington’s, ALS, Ataxia, edication-induced Movement Disorders) -
29 A model-based feature extraction method to diagnose gait disorder in Parkinson disease Kaffash Zohreh Movement Disorders (Parkinson, Huntington’s, ALS, Ataxia, edication-induced Movement Disorders) -
30 Multi-scale Brain Structural Connectivity Analysis Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging Data Khalilian Maedeh Sadat Network Models -
31 Identification of causative genes for ALS, BVVL, Fazio Londe, CMT2 and HMSN-P disorders Khani Marzieh Neurodegenerative Disorders -
32 The interaction of sensory deprivation of barrel cortex and environmental enrichment on density and morphology of CA1 pyramidal neurons in female rats Khoshnavamoghadam Bahare Neurodevelopmental Disorder ( ADHD,  Autism,  Learning Disorders) -
33 Autism Screening: A Voice-Based Approach Khozaee Aida Neurodevelopmental Disorder ( ADHD,  Autism,  Learning Disorders) -
34 Cytokine profile in autistic patients Kahaei khosroshahi Mir salar Neurodevelopmental Disorder ( ADHD,  Autism,  Learning Disorders) -
35 Feature Selection from Brain Stroke CT Images Kabudvand Homeira Neuroethics -
36 Edge Feature Extraction in Digital Images with the Ant Colony System of Brain Stroke Ct Images Kabudvand Homeira Neuroethics -
37 A Review of the evolutionary functions of defense mechanisms (review article) Khodamoradi Sadegh Neurophilosophy -
38 Methylphenidate (MPH) produces conditioned place preference (CPP) in marmoset monkeys and cannabidiol exposure during extinction do not inhibit the reinstatement of MPH-induced CPP Kashefi Adel Other -
39 The Relationship between pain and Social Support after Spinal Cord Injury Khazaeipour Zahra Other -
40 Investigating the effects of co-administration of chronic progesterone and forced exercise on behavioral pain responses in the neuropathic pain model of chronic constriction injury in rats. Khazani Fariba Other -
41 Evaluation the effect of chronic toxoplasmosis on synaptic plasticity in rats Kiani Bahere Other -
42 Rimonabant Prevents Reinstatement of Methamphetamine-Seeking Behavior in the Sleep-Deprived Rats Khodamoradi Mehdi Reward and the Brain -
43 The Antidopaminergic Effects of Ascorbic Acid in Central Nervous System: A Basic and Clinical Study Khani Iurigh Hassan Schizophrenia -
44 The evaluation of ErbB4 receptor changes in the tonic-clonic seizures induced by pentylenetetrazol Karimzadeh Fariba Seizure and Epileptic Disorders -
45 Notch l discrepancies during development of chronic seizures induced by pentylenetetrazol Karimzadeh Fariba Seizure and Epileptic Disorders -
46 Alterations in Neuregulin 1 and ErbB4 expression in a genetic animal model of absence epilepsy Karimzadeh Fariba Seizure and Epileptic Disorders -
47 The Effectiveness of Art-therapy on the Social Skills of Students with Intellectual Disability Kashani Vahid Leila Self perception and regulation -
48 Language Learning and Social Cognition: A Cross-linguistic Analysis of Children Who Know Two Languages Khodi Ali Self perception and regulation -
49 The effects of cinnamaldehyde on cold allodynia- and anxiety-induced by chronic constriction injury of sciatic nerve and its interaction with α1 and 2-adrenoceptors in the anterior cingulate cortex Kazemi Reza Tactile, Somatosensation and Pain Syndromes -
50 Comparison of the Efficacy of Neurofeedback Treatment and Direct Electrical Stimulation with Direct Current (tDCS) in Reducing Signs and increase quality of life Migraine Women. Kosari Zahra Tactile, Somatosensation and Pain Syndromes -
51 Comparison of the Efficacy of Neurofeedback Treatment and Direct Electrical Stimulation with Direct Current (tDCS) in Sleep quality of Migraine Kosari Zahra Tactile, Somatosensation and Pain Syndromes -
52 Voltage-Gated Potassium Currents of Hippocampal CA1 Neurons in a Rat Model of Traumatic Brain Injury Karimi Seyed Asaad Traumatic Brain Injury -
53 The Effectiveness of Family-based Cognitive Games on Working Memory of Children with Learning disability in Mathematics Kashani Vahid Leila Working Memory -

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