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Ahwazi Award جوایز اهوازی و انجمن علوم اعصاب

Ahwazi Young Investgator Award, was founded by َ"Iranian Neuroscience Society" with financial support of "Iranain Council for Cognitive Science and Technnologies",  with the aim of encouraging the young researchers, appreciation their efforts, and preparing a frindly scientific atmosphere  to exchange their knowledge and experiences. The name of award was taken from the name of  Iranain great physician and psychologist, Ali-ibn-al Abbas al-Majusi (Ahwazi, died 982-994), also known as Masoudi or Latinaized as "Haly Abbas", most famous for the Kitab-al-Maliki, or "Complete Book of Medical Art", his text book in medicine and psychology.

This anuual awrad was dedicated to elected young researchers below 35 Y/O during BCNC congress. In 2017, 3 prominent  researchers with outstanding help in solving domestic problems or  prominent translational value of their work, will be awarded in five main domains of: Cellular and Molecular; Behavioral; Cognitive; Clinical; and Computational Neuroscience.

The sacretary of Ahwazi Award, Ali Shahbazi, Iran University of Medical Sciences, direct the scientific reviewing process of nominate resarchers by  Award Board of Review. 

Secretary: Ali Shahbazi,  Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Lecturs: Sakineh Alijanpour,  University of Gonbade-kavous, Golestan, Iran

Posters: Farzaneh Safavimanesh, University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Iran 


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