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Scientific Secretary Message پیام دبیر علمی

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

Neuroscience, as one of the key areas of research in the scientific world has a huge impact on research and practice on human health. Iranian neuroscientists, shoulder by shoulder along with pioneers of this area of research have considerably contributed to highly valued goals of neuroscientific research.

The basic and clinical neuroscience congress is an annual event in recognition of advances in this areas of research and tries to bring both basic and clinical neuroscientists together to facilitate translation of knowledge between them. The successful experience of four previous congresses between 2011 and 2016 encouraged us to plan for the sixth congress with higher expectations.  

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you all to the 6th Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress (BCNC) which will be held in Tehran on December 20-22, 2017. Iranian Neuroscience Society (INSS) and Iran University of medical Sciences as the main organizer of the conference invites all neuroscientists and experts in this filed around the world to share their latest findings and viewpoints in both basic and clinical areas. The program of the BCNC 2017 conference with the theme of Signaling and Processing from Neurons to Societies offers an opportunity of learning in an environment with both theoretical and practical approach. Our scientific program covers the latest technologies and current status of the field, with applied learning opportunities.

In addition to the scientific program, you will find opportunities to explore one of the most beautiful capitals of Islamic world, Tehran. We believe, each single participation is a great contribution to the goals this congress and will make it a very fruitful collaboration environment. We are truly looking forward to see you in Tehran.

Sincerely Yours,

Tourandokht Balouch Nejad, MD, PhD                               Jamal Shams, MD, PhD

Basic Scientific Secretary                                                       Clinical Scientific Secretary



آخرین اخبار
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